The next conference, has been scheduled for May 31-June 1st 2017. The conferenceis to be held at the HEC Business school in Paris

The Thought Leadership on the Sales Profession Conference is an exclusive, invite-only event, attended by the world’s leading academics and senior business leaders interested in sales force effectiveness. The first two conferences were held at the Harvard Business School and Columbia University.

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Dr. Robert Cialdini, NY Times bestselling author of Influence: Science and Practice, will be in the room, delivering a keynote on influence tactics in sales.

Robert Cialdini
Nick Toman
Roland Rust

Nick Toman of CEB and Dr. Roland Rust of the University of Maryland will present two perspectives on the question, should we delight our customers?

Noel Capon
Doug Chung
Anne Coughlan
Leonard Lodish

Dr. Noel Capon (Columbia), Dr. Doug Chung (Harvard), Dr. Anne Coughlan (Kellogg), Dr. Leonard Lodish (Wharton), and more than 25 other professors will give TED-style talks on the most cutting-edge research in sales today.

Bill Klepper

Dr. Bill Klepper, WSJ bestselling author of The CEO’s Boss: Tough Love in the Boardroom, will speak on the topic of integrated leadership for sales success.

Andy Zoltners
Paul Helmore
Joe Stallard
Chris Suhoza

Dr. Andy Zoltners (Northwestern University and ZS Associates) will be joined by Paul Helmore (Schlumberger), Joe Stallard (Sewell Automotive), and Chris Suhoza (FedEx) for a panel discussion on sales manager effectiveness.

Volkhard Bregulla
Rosemary Heneghan
Hajo Rapp
Huw Tippett

Bernard Quancard (SAMA) will kick-off a panel on the topic of frontiers in strategic account management, wherein Volkhard Bregulla (HP), Rosemary Heneghan (IBM), Hajo Rapp (Siemens), and Huw Tippett (Baxter) will serve as panelists.

Bernard Quancard