Competitive/Accepted Academic Presentations

(Listed in Alphabetic Order)


  • Note: Only the lead presenter for each of the corresponding presentations is currently listed. Presentation titles will be finalized with the posting of the conference program.

  1. Andres Musalem, University of Chile: “Using Video Analytics in Retail Salesforce Management”
  2. Andrew T. Crecelius, University of Alabama: “Dynamic Effects of Sales Channel Handoffs on Revenue and Profit in Business-to-Business Markets”
  3. Desmond Lo, Santa Clara University: “Managerial Attention: Evidence from Salesforce”
  4. Detelina Marinova, University of Missouri: “Letting Consumers Win in web chat Sales Interactions”
  5. Gaurav Sabnis, Stevens Institute of Technology: “Sales Lead Prioritization Using a Multi-Armed Bandit Approach”
  6. George John, University of Minnesota: “A Multi-Year Field Experiment on Incentivizing Salespeople and their First-Line Supervisors”
  7. Goutam Challagalla, IMD: “Revamping the Sales Force in a Changing Digital Environment with Multiple Parties Involved”
  8. Johannes Habel, ESMT Berlin: “Variable Compensation and Salespeople’s Health”
  9. K. Sudhir, Yale School of Management: “A Structural Model of a Multi-Tasking Salesforce with Private Information”
  10. Kinshuk Jerath, Columbia University: “How Often Should You Reward Your Salesforce? Multi-Period Incentives and Effort Dynamics”
  11. Lamar Pierce, Washington University in St. Louis: “Are Firms Loss Averse? A Field Experiment with Car Dealer Sales Incentives”
  12. Mahima Hada, Baruch College: “Horizontal Referrals in B2B Markets”
  13. Mark Bergen, University of Minnesota: “When Silence is Golden: How Manufacturers’ Sales Rep’s Selective Reporting of Customer Information Can Facilitate Market Exchange”
  14. Mike Norton, Harvard Business School: “Prosocial Bonuses and Employee Satisfaction”
  15. Nick Panagopoulos, Ohio University: “The Serial Job Hopper: Why Salespeople Job Hop and What Can Firms Do About It?”
  16. Rob Waiser, London Business School: “Delegating Sales Force Incentive Design to Sales Managers: A Comparison of Approaches”
  17. Sebastian Hohenberg, The University of Texas at Austin: “Organizing for Cross-Selling: Enhancing Cross-Selling through Organizational Structures and Steering Instruments”
  18. Shantanu Dutta, University of Southern California: “Order Process Digitization in B2B Markets: The Role of Salespeople on Customer Purchase Behavior”