PDF Map of Stanford Graduate School of Business

Stanford Graduate School of Business,
655 Knight Way, Stanford CA. Oberndorf Event Center, Third Floor

Travel And Directions

Directions for Uber / Lyft / Cab drop-off

PLEASE NOTE: Due to recent construction, Google online maps may not be updated, so please make sure to provide these instructions to your Uber / Lyft / Taxi driver!

  1. From the Sheraton Hotel on El Camino near University Avenue, take a left on Palm Drive.
  2. Take a left on Campus Drive.
  3. Take a right on Serra Mall at the roundabout.
  4. Go 100 yards, to the bollards blocking off the street. Take a left at that point into the roundabout driveway, and you can be let off there and picked up there.
  5. When you are let off, please walk across Serra Street, take a left and walk up the stairs, and walk across the square to the elevator on the right side of the round Arbuckle Cafeteria Building.
  6. Take the elevator to the 3rd floor, where Oberndorf Event Center is located.

Taking the free Stanford bus - Marguerite Shuttle - to the GSB

Marguerite Shuttles
  1. Take a right out of the front of the Sheraton Hotel and walk one block to University Avenue.

  2. Follow the sidewalk to the right, which will take you to the Palo Alto Transit Center Caltrain platform. You’ll find the Marguerite Shuttles (on Friday only) on the southbound (nearest) side of the tracks. They are linked above.
  3. Take the “Y” line to Schwab Residential Center, on Serra Mall.
  4. Walk across the street (Serra Mall) and enter the Knight Management Center.
  5. Walk across the open plaza, and you will see a 4-story Building. To the left of that is Arbuckle Dining Pavilion (round building), where there will be an elevator.
  6. Take the elevator to the 3rd floor, where Oberndorf Event Center is located
  7. To take the shuttle back to the hotel, head back to Serra Mall, and the “X” line will pick you up on this side of the street. Disembark at the Palo Alto Transit Center Caltrain platform, next to the Sheraton Hotel.

Driving directions from the Sheraton to the Galvez Lot

  1. Take a right out of the hotel parking lot.
  2. Take a left onto Palm Drive, which is the overpass above El Camino Real.
  3. Take a left on Campus Drive.
  4. Take a left onto Galvez drive and a left into the Galvez Lot.
  5. Event Code 3484  has been programmed to provide discounted parking for you ($8 per day, vs. $16 per day without the code). Here are instructions on how the code entry works at the pay machines:

1.     Park and remember your stall number license plate number or take a photo with your smart phone

2.     At kiosk, touch any key to exit intro screen

3.     Enter your plate number and press [OK] to continue

4.     Select #1 to purchase a ticket   

5.     On the next screen, select (1) for Incremental or (2) for Event Code Parking.  If arriving before 10:45, enter (2) for Event Code Parking; if after 10:45, use the (1) Incremental option without an event code and skip to step 9.

6.     If Event Code Parking is selected, select “Yes” when it asks if you have an event code

7.     Enter the event code number (3484) and press OK

8.     Once the code is entered, you’ll receive a message that says “Get Ready For Payment”

9.     Insert your Visa/Mastercard or Discover Card

10.  Select OK to complete transaction and print your receipt.  No need to display receipt on dashboard